Hello! 안녕하세요?

Hi, I'm Hoon Han (한동훈), a MS student of Computer Science at KAIST. I'm doing research as a member of both U&I LAB and KIXLAB with two advisors, Prof. Alice Oh and Prof. Juho Kim. I'm particularly interested in applying machine learning techniques to the problems in Politics such as fact-checking.

I love traveling around the world, meeting people and talking with them.


  • Crowdsourcing Perspectives on Public Policy from Stakeholders
    • Hyunwoo Kim, Eun-Young Ko, Donghoon Han, Sung-chul Lee, Simon Perrault, Jihee Kim, Juho Kim
    • CHI 2019 Extended Abstract (link)

  • automaTA: Human-Machine Interaction for Answering Context-Specific Questions
    • Changyoon Lee*, Donghoon Han*, Hyoungwook Jin*, Alice Oh
    • * Authors equally contributed.
    • L@S 2019 Works-In-Progress (To appear)


2019.03. ~ Current : M.S. candidate in School of Computing, KAIST

2014.03. ~ 2019.02. : B.S. in School of Computing and Bio&Brain Engineering, KAIST (Cum Laude)


hoonhan (dot) d (at) kaist (dot) ac (dot) kr