Hello! 안녕하세요?

Hi, I'm Hoon Han (한동훈), a MS student in the School of Computing at KAIST. I'm doing research as a member of both U&I LAB and KIXLAB with two advisors, Prof. Alice Oh and Prof. Juho Kim. I'm particularly interested in applying machine learning and HCI techniques to help citizens better understand the politics and actively participate in the society.

In my life outside of research, I love traveling around the world, meeting people, and talking with them.


  • Crowdsourcing Perspectives on Public Policy from Stakeholders
    • Hyunwoo Kim, Eun-Young Ko, Donghoon Han, Sung-chul Lee, Simon Perrault, Jihee Kim, Juho Kim
    • CHI 2019 Extended Abstract (link)

  • automaTA: Human-Machine Interaction for Answering Context-Specific Questions
    • Changyoon Lee*, Donghoon Han*, Hyoungwook Jin*, Alice Oh
    • * Authors equally contributed.
    • L@S 2019 Works-In-Progress (link)



2019.03. ~ Current : M.S. student in School of Computing, KAIST

2014.03. ~ 2019.02. : B.S. in School of Computing and Bio&Brain Engineering, KAIST (Cum Laude)


hoonhan (dot) d (at) kaist (dot) ac (dot) kr